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Chpt.2 of the kidnapped by the legion of doom

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Chpt.2 of the kidnapped by the legion of doom

Post by N.G. Laces on Wed May 19, 2010 5:32 am


I slowly woke up, but was too tired to open my eyelids. I could feel I was lying on a mattress and I couldn’t help but think,
Did I dream it all? I must’ve! I was expecting to open my eyes and see my room, and get up for a normal school day. Unfortunately I was wrong. My eyesight was a bit blurred but I could see I was in a white room and I was on what looked to be like a hospital bed. I shot up, but a jolt of pain ran up my arm forcing me back down.
“Where am I?” I questioned, talking to myself. I then herd a voice answer,
“The watch tower.” the voice sounded way too familiar. Jeffery Combs? I thought to myself. My eyesight started to focus a bit more and I could make out I was still in cartoon. Finally my eyes adjusted back to normal and I could see a man with a blue trench coat, a matching blue fedora, an orange shirt, and no face.
“Question?” Suddenly I felt a huge surge of energy through my body. Omigosh Omigosh omigosh omigosh! I love Question! I didn’t know what to say except, “Uhh… hi.” before he could say anything, a red blur sped into the room.
“Sorry, no crack pots in the medical room.” he smirked.
The Flash!? OH MY GOSH!!! I want to get up and hug them both saying, ‘I got posters of both of you guys on my wall!’ Before I knew it, Question was out of the room.
“Are you okay?” asked Flash.
“If I’m not in a mental institution and I’m not going crazy then yah, I’m fine.” There was a long pause. “You’re Wally West!” I blurted out. Liv, why’d you say that? I cursed at myself.
“Ugh… yah I am. Will you excuse me for a moment.” Flash said speeding out of the room.
Great Liv. You get kidnapped and then saved by the justice league, and one of the first things you say is, ‘Your name is Wally West!?’ I’m so pathetic! I gave out a deep sigh and looked down at my arm. It was splinted and wrapped in galls. I slowly sat up, and got out of the bed. I was still wearing my overalls and T-shirt. I made my way out of the room looking for someone with an explanation. The watchtower was even cooler in person, not to mention way bigger. Luckily through all the episodes I watched of justice league unlimited, I knew where every room was in the tower. I knew there was one room in particular that I needed to get to. Luckily it seemed like the watchtower was busy. Sure some personnel looked at me weirdly when I rounded a corner. So I shrugged and said, “Didn’t you get the memo about take your child to work day?” I reached my destination and saw through the door seven of my favorite heroes. They didn’t seem to notice me open the door so they still carried on their conversation.
“She knew my name! My actual name! It’s just so creepy!” exclaimed Flash.
“From what we gathered she’s from another dimension where we are television and comic book characters. She probably knows all our names,” said Superman.
“So why don’t we just send her back home?” Green Lantern questioned.
“It’s not that simple. If we send her home, Luthor will just kidnap her again. And we don’t have a portal to send her back in general.” Wonder Woman explained.
“Then she needs somewhere to stay for the time being.” The Martian Man hunter stated.
“She can stay with me.” smiled Flash.
“Wally, I don’t think you’re responsible enough to take care of a thirteen-year-old,” said Green Lantern.
“Am to!” Flash stated. There was a pause. “Okay maybe not.” he sighed.
“She could stay in the watch tower,” suggested the Martian.
“She’s a kid. She needs a place more homier, and perhaps on Earth.” Hawk Girl suggested.
“How about Batman?” stated Flash.
“No.” Batman said sternly.
“Come on Bruce. You have a huge mansion, it’s on Earth, the girl would be safe, it’s perfect!” Superman urged.
“No it’s not. Perhaps Green Arrow, or…” I cut him off.
“Can I have a say in this?” I questioned. Everyone looked shocked to see me.
“Ummm sure kid, what’s your name again?” Flash questioned.
“Olivia.” I said.
“So Olivia, Where do you think you should stay?” Superman questioned. I thought for a second, even though I knew my answer.
Batman, Batman, Batman, Batman! “Ugh, would Wayne Manor be okay?” I questioned. Everyone smiled at Bruce.
“Fine.” he said coldly. I didn’t care how he said it as long as it was a yes. “Why are you out of bed?” Batman questioned, changing the subject.
“Because I felt better.” I said obviously. “ I also came down here for some questions answered. Like, why did Luthor pick me, out of all comic book nerds, to kidnap?” everyone’s eyes seemed to shift nervously at one another.
“We… don’t know.” Superman said. I felt like they were hiding something, but I accepted the answer.
“I’m going back to Gotham. Follow me.” Batman said, once again changing the subject. I nodded my head and followed. We went into the deportation room and we were beamed into Wayne Manor, more specifically, the Bat cave.
“This is so cool.” I said in awe at the sights all around me.
“Good evening Master Bruce.” Alfred said as he came down the steps. Then he saw me. “We have a visitor?” he questioned turning to Batman.
“Yes Alfred, her name is Olivia, she will be staying with us for a while.” Batman said. “Can you take her to the guest room?” he questioned.
“Right away master Bruce.” Alfred said. I followed Alfred up to the mansion, to a plain room with a bed, dresser, desk, and an empty bookshelf.
“Thanks.” I said to Alfred.
“If you need anything, just give me a call.” he said, and then walked off. I plopped onto the mattress and gave a long sigh. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I then remembered my duffle bag. I took out my extra pencils and my doodle paper. I drew a picture of one of my many superheroes that I created. Her name was Lightning Girl. She was an alien from the planet of Translafar. Unfortunately a neighboring planet declared war on her home world. Since she was a princess on the planet, her parents sent her on a rocket to go to a moon where they would come and get her after the war, but something went wrong as an asteroid hit the rocket and changed its course. Then lightning girl landed on earth. She was then put into an orphanage where she was quickly adopted, and was named Tamara Jaramia. (T.J for short.) T.J and her super smart friend Cloee, discover her power of controlling electricity, so she became a superhero to help people. Lightning Girl was one of my very first Superheroes. After I was done the picture I laid it on my bed, then walked around the house to see what it was like in person. In one room I saw a picture of Batman’s parents. I always felt so bad for him because of his parents death. A thought then struck me. If they don’t figure out how to make a portal, I may never see my parents again. My eyes were a bit wet, but the tears stopped as I was startled to hear a voice behind me.
“Who are you?” I turned around to see Tim Drake A.K.A the second Robin.
“My name’s Olivia, friends call me Liv.” I said nonchalantly. “And you must be Tim Drake, the second Robin.” There you go again Liv, blurting out their names like that! I got to stop!
“I’m not Robin! What are you talking about? Why are you here?” Tim said looking nervous.
“Long story short, I’m from another dimension, you are a comic book, and T.V character, and I know you’re Robin.” I said.
“So you’re here because?”
“Batman’s taking me in until I can find my way back home.” I said. Tim looked shocked.
“Okay… I’m just gonna go now.” he said walking away.
Great I just freaked Robin out. Night was coming fast since I got there around seven and I was already feeling tired. I made my way up to my room, put my picture of lightning girl on my desk, kicked my shoes off and passed out on my bed. Unfortunately I didn’t sleep to well. I had a terrible nightmare. In it, I was watching T.V in Wane Manor, and on the screen was my mom and dad tied together with a giant laser pointed at them. Lex Luthor then appeared next to them and said,
“Olivia, show yourself and give us what we want. If you don’t your parents will become dust!” I ran out the door of the mansion and suddenly was where my parents and Luthor were.
“Let them go!” I shouted.
“First give me what I want.” said Luthor with a grin.
“Superman’s Clark Kent now let them go!” I shouted again.
“Useful information, but I want something else from you, give it to me!” exclaimed Luthor.
“What? I don’t have anything. Just, let them go!” I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.
“Don’t play dumb you know what it is, now give it to me!” Luthor commanded.
“I honestly don’t know!” I cried.
“Liar, give it to me, or say good bye to your parents!” he shouted.
“Please I’ll give you anything, just let them go!” I begged, tears streaming down my cheeks.
“I gave you a chance, now say good by to your parents!” he yelled pressing a button. The green laser flew towards them.
“NO!” I screamed. I woke up with beads of sweat dripping down my forehead. My eyes were still crying and were wide open. I kept repeating, “No, no, no, no, no.”
“Shhh Liv, Liv you okay.” Tim questioned. I was still panting and repeating no, the image of my parents wouldn’t stop. Tears were streaming from my eyes.
“Olivia, it’s me Bruce, Batman, it was just a dream,” he said rubbing my back. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I flung myself at him and hugged him tightly, still sobbing. He was taken back for a moment, then continued patting my back saying,
“Shhh it’s okay, it’s okay.” the image kept playing in my head, but slowly I started to calm down and realize it wasn’t real.
“I’m sorry I woke you up.” I said finding my voice, releasing my clutch on Batman.
“It’s fine, but are you okay?” he questioned.
“Yah, I think so. I just had a terrible dream.” I sighed.
“Well we gathered that.” Tim said. Batman gave him a look and Tim added, “I’m going to bed, goodnight.” then he quickly got out of the room. There was a long uneasy pause, and then batman stated,
“It was about Luthor wasn’t it?” My heart felt like it went into my throat and my face went pale from hearing his name. All I could say was,
“You are the Worlds greatest detective.”
“Well, I did hear you mention his name a few times when you were asleep.” he must have noticed my look on my face when he said Luther’s name. “Olivia you are safe here. He can’t find you, and he can’t hurt you.” he saw my face and knew it wasn’t about my safety that I was worried about. “He was after some one else, wasn’t he?” Bruce questioned.
“My parents.” I said nodding my head.
“Trust me Olivia, he wants you, and he isn’t going back to your world to get your parents.”
“How do you know?” I questioned. He seemed uneasy for a second.
“Just trust me. He only wants you. Not your parents, or anyone else.” I sighed in relief for a second when hearing that. “Can you get back to sleep now?” he questioned. I nodded my head. “ Great. Have a good night,” he said walking out the door. I still felt like there was something he wasn’t telling me,
But what? I wondered as I silently drifted asleep.

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