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chapter three four and five of the ummm story :D

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chapter three four and five of the ummm story :D

Post by N.G. Laces on Fri May 21, 2010 6:53 am

I woke up the next morning early. It was five o’clock in the morning. As I came down the steps Alfred was walking by. He seemed shocked to see me.
“What are you doing up so early?” he questioned. I shrugged.
“I always get up early. Why are you up?”
“Master Timothy is getting up at six in the morning for school. I always rise early to make him breakfast.” Alfred explained.
“Can I help?” I questioned.
“Only if you want to Mistress Olivia.” Alfred said, heading towards the kitchen. We made pancakes. Alfred was always a nice guy in the show and I was happy that was the same in this dimension. I was not able to talk about much since I didn’t know exactly what he wanted to talk about, so I stayed silent. He broke the quite by saying,
“Master Bruce told me to tutor you.”
“Tutor me? On what?” I questioned raising an eyebrow.
“He said since he didn’t know how long you would be staying here, he decided to have me tutor you for school until he can enroll you in master Timothy’s.” he said.
“You mean… I’m going to school here?” I questioned. Alfred nodded his head. “But… but how? I mean, what if what if Joker sees me, or what if they can identify my name, or…” I trailed off.
“Master Bruce said that he would give you different name, and disguise you.” Alfred explained. I nodded. I hated the thought that I would be here too long. Just then Tim came down.
“Morning Tim.” I said.
“Good morning Master Timothy.”
“Morning to the both of you.” Tim smiled. I set three pancakes in front of him and I had two for me.
“So, I’m a T.V Character?” he smiled.
“Yep.” I nodded my head.
“So, does everyone know me?” he questioned.
“The people who watch your show.” I shrugged.
“Were you one of the people who watched my show?”
“Why’d you think Luthor Kidnapped me?” I questioned a bit annoyed.
“Sorry Liv, so, he kidnapped you?” Tim asked.
“Yah, not fun.” I said. Tim looked at me then at my splinted arm. Suddenly there was a nock on the door.
“Now who could that be this early in the morning?” Alfred questioned. My heart rate started thudding rapidly. I felt nervous. The second Alfred left the room I darted into a cleaning closet.
“Liv. What are you doing?” Tim questioned.
“I’m not going back.” I whispered. I heard the door open and I held my breath.
“Hello I’m with the cable company, would you be interested in our new triple play?” asked a voice.
“No thank you. Have a good day.” Alfred said closing the door. I sighed and got out of the cleaning closet.
“Luthor must have you really scared,” said Tim. I didn’t think about it, but Tim was right. When I was face to face with Luthor and his goons I made myself unshakable, but when I’m hiding from him, I’m truly terrified. I needed to do something to conquer my fear.

Alfred started tutoring me the moment Tim was out the door. The questions were easy, but I didn’t want to tell Alfred that, or he might of made them harder. We studied until Tim came home. Then I could take a break. I went up to my room and drew a picture of Ghost, a girl who could turn invisible and go through walls. Her real name was Beck Anderson. I turned around to place my finished picture on the desk with my other picture, when I saw Tim examining my Lightning Girl picture. Before I could say anything, he commented,
“Very life like.”
“It’s just a cartoon…” I started but then trailed off. “Oh yah.”
“So Lightning Girl? Did you make her up?” he questioned.
“Yah.” I nodded my head. He then looked at the picture in my hand.
“and Ghost. Cool.”
“What do you want?” I questioned.
“I don’t know. You just keep to yourself, and you seem lonely.” He explained. I sighed,
“Well, I don’t really have much to do, I mean, I can’t even go outside until I’ve gotten a disguise.”
“Do you want to play some video games then?” questioned Tim.
“Sure.” I smiled. My dad and I played video games all the time together. The memory of my dad made me sad for a second, but I shook it off. Tim and I played and I beat him each game, once I understood the controls.
“You’re good.” he said.
“You’re not so bad either.” I shrugged. Tim seemed to understand that I didn’t like talking about Luther, or my dimension, so he asked about my drawling of superheroes. I told him about invincible girl who could heal herself and could survive any environment (even under water.) plus she was very strong. I also told him about Sun, Ghost’s unknown sister who could shoot fire balls, Magneta who could control metal, Sonic Celtic who was a master sword fighter and a black belt in martial arts, wolf who could turn into a wolf,
“Then lastly there’s Blue Jay.” I stopped myself there.
“What’s her story?” Tim questioned.
“She was a character in a fan fiction I wrote.” I said. He gave me a look like, So What? “She gets saved by Batmen, then helps him.” I said.
“Oh, well that’s cool.” Tim shrugged. Suddenly the door opened and Bruce was home.
“Hello Tim. Hello Olivia.” he said. “Olivia you are going to Tim’s school tomorrow. Your name is Dallas Elizabeth Bale, and your family moved here from Iowa. Barbra is coming over with some of her old cloths for you, and I got you a red wig, so you can blend in.” he explained.
“Thanks.” I replied as he handed me the wig. I wasn’t necessarily happy by the way things were progressing. I knew that tomorrow was going to be a very interesting day.
I woke up early again. I put on the Blue carter sleeve shirt, and jeans that Barbra gave me. I tucked my brown hair under the red wig. I looked at myself in the mirror and was shocked to see a totally different girl. For once I thought I looked decent. I walked downstairs, and saw Alfred finishing breakfast.
“Hey Alfred.” I smiled.
“Good morning Mistress Olivia. I trust you had a good night sleep.”
“About.” I shrugged. That was a lie. Once again I had a terrible dream with Luther trying to hurt my parents if I didn’t give him what he wanted. Trouble is, I never know what he wants. This time when I woke up, I tried to keep quite so wouldn’t wake anyone up. I didn’t know if I was talking in my sleep. I hoped I wasn’t. Alfred noticed the pause, and he changed the subject.
“Are you excited for school today?”
“A bit.” I shrugged. I honestly hoped to get back to my hole in the wall home as soon as possible. Batman enrolling me in a school implied that I would be here for a while. It made me uneasy.
“Morning Alfred. Morning Liv.” Tim smiled, coming down the steps.
“It’s Dallas now.” I mumbled.
“Huh?” Tim questioned, most likely not hearing me.
“Good morning Tim.” I smiled. Hoping he would think that’s what I said. He seemed to forget as Alfred put down two plates of French toast down for us.
“So, how’d you sleep last night?” Tim questioned in between mouthfuls of the French toast.
Why does everyone want to know how I slept!? “How’d you sleep?” I shot back, not answering his question.
“Pretty good.” he answered, getting the picture. We packed our book bags for school, and we were out the door. Tim took a seat next to his friends, and I sat behind him. I always hated school. I didn’t mind the learning. I just hated the peer pressure, learning methods, teachers, and stuff like that. I sat gazing out the window when a group of girls entered the bus and sat in a few seats parallel to me. They took one look at me and laughed.
Great. Not only am I teased in my dimension, but now in this one!
“Nice antiques. I thought shirts would start to unravel from time, but your’s looks like it’s holding up.” one girl with straight blond hair with some pink streaks in it laughed.
“Thanks.” I said knowing they were teasing me.
“So you’re new here, right?” the girl questioned.
“What was your first clue? That you never seen me before, or that I never rode on this bus before?” I replied dryly. I wasn’t in the mood to talk.
“So, my names Mandy. What’s your’s?” Mandy questioned.
“Dallas Elizabeth Bale.” I replied.
“Weird name.” she smirked.
“Thanks.” I shrugged. Mandy seemed shaken that I answered like that. I honestly didn’t care.
“So, where’d you live before you moved to Gotham?” Mandy inquired, trying to get on my nerves. Unfortunately it was working.
Like that’s any of your business! I screamed in my head. I took a deep breath, and calmly replied, “Iowa.” Mandy and her posy seemed to be getting bored of me since I wasn’t reacting much to their teasing. Even though I would barley call it teasing considering previous things that have happened to me. The bus slowed and we were finally at the school. I walked off of the bus, and followed Tim into the school. He then showed me where the office was to get my new papers that would show me my classes and what not. Once the secretary handed me my papers, Tim took a brief look at them.
“Cool we have the same home room.” he smiled. I grinned back, happy that I would know at least one nice person in the school. Once in home room the announcements came on, but I didn’t really listen. I already had my Tom Sawyer book out, and was reading it contently. The teacher, Mr.Browski, cleared his throat so loud that it made me look up from my book. Everyone’s eyes were on Mr.Browski. He smiled, and informed,
“We have a new student. Her name is Dallas Bale.”
Oh goodie, now the whole class knows that there’s fresh meat to pick on.
“Patricia Luciani.” Mr.Browski exclaimed. A girl with pale skin, brown hair in a low pony tail, light blue eyes, and glasses replied,
“Since you have the same schedule as Ms.Bale, I want you to show her around.” he then paused for a second. “Please try not to freak her out too much.” he added. The girl smiled, and everyone in the class busted out laughing, except for me.
OH NO! Now they got me with some sort of juvenile delinquent! The bell rang, and I tried to scurry out of the room without the Luciani girl catching me. Too late.
“Hey, wait up!” I couldn’t do anything, but obey. I waited until she caught up with me.
“Your name’s Dallas, right?” she questioned.
“yah.” I sighed.
“My name’s Patricia Luciani, but you can call me Pat.” she smiled. She didn’t sound like a delinquent, but I was still unsure.
“our first class is science with Ms. Halk. She’s a bit crazy. Just don’t make eye contact, and what ever you do, don’t mention umbrellas.” Pat explained.
“Umbrellas?” I questioned.
“Yah, Umbrellas.” she repeated. Pat seemed normal. I didn’t know what Mr.Browski was talking about, unless he was trying to scare me. Pat noticed my pause.
“You’re so quite.” she stated.
“Sorry ’bout that.” I sighed, not knowing what else to say.
“Why’re you saying sorry?” she laughed. “Here’s our class.” Pat pointed out, turning to a door. We walked into the room to see my new best friend Mandy. (Sarcasm!)
“Hey look, Dallas found the psycho.” she smiled.
“shut up Mandy, I’m not a psycho.” Pat growled.
“Sure Patty sure.” Mandy said sarcastically with a smile. Pat’s eyes flared and I quickly cut in.
“So Pat, where do I sit?” I questioned. Pat seemed to calm down a bit, and we walked up to Ms.Halk’s desk, where she was muttering something at her computer.
“excuse me, I’m new here, do you know where I sit?” I inquired.
“oooookkkkkkkkkk then.” I said as I followed Pat to her seat.
“like I said, she’s nuts.” Pat sighed.
“You got that right.” I nodded. Then I questioned, “So you don’t like the name Patty?” I questioned.
“hate it with a passion!” Pat exclaimed.
“So what’s so strange about you?” I inquired.
“I’m a conspiracy buff.” she frowned.
OH MY GOSH! Some one I can finally relate to… some what.
“Me too.” I beamed.
“you’re kidding me!” exclaimed pat.
“Nope. Did you ever consider the possibility of Garbage men being responsible for crop circles?” I questioned.
“That never occurred to me, but now that you mention it, it seems so obvious.” gasped Pat. That science class, and all the classes afterwards I didn’t pay any attention to anything the teachers were saying. Only what Pat and I were talking about. Books, video games, and conspiracies. I was glad that I actually made a friend in this dimension besides Tim. Lunch came and I sat with Pat at her lunch table. Whether it was in my dimension or not, cafeteria food always stunk.
“You would think that with the money the school gets we would at least have decent food.” Pat sighed.
“You would think.” I agreed. Both Pat and I had idea’s forming in our heads.
“Everything in the school is so crappy, I wonder where all the money is going to?” Pat thought out loud.
“Maybe the money is going to some alien mother ship, or the teachers lounge.” I suggested. We looked at each other for a brief second.
“Alien Mother ship.” we stated in unison. We chatted about the idea, and ate the sloppy Joes (or the taco, we had no clue which.) once the school day was over, I was surprised that I had a good time. On the bus, I looked over the homework that I got during the school day, that I was too busy chatting even to look at.
oh my gosh you gotta be kidding me! This stuff is easy! I thought happily. It was exactly what I had for regular school, but from one glance, I knew exactly what the answers were. weird. I thought to myself, but then shrugged blowing it off.

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