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Another stoery. this one is called, Question's Little Girl. first chapter.

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Another stoery. this one is called, Question's Little Girl. first chapter.

Post by N.G. Laces on Fri May 14, 2010 10:41 pm

“Dad! I’m going out!” I exclaimed, grabbing my brown trench coat, and fedora. I ran to the door, but was quickly cut off from the door by none other than, Dad.
“Define out.” he stated, raising an eyebrow.
“Out meaning Torri, Caitlyn, Meg, and I going to Applebee’s until ten.” I answered.
“Will there be any boys?”
“No. Boys my age are stupid.” I stated calmly. Dad eyed me suspiciously like any paranoid dad.
“okay.” he said, moving away from the door, however he stopped me again. “Hand sanitizer?”
“Cell phone?”
“de-aglet shoe laces?”
“Pepper spray?”
“Pocket knife?”
“Never leave home without it.” I grinned.
“Have fun. Remember ten o’clock.” he stated, returning to computer work. I ran outside, and tied a purple bandana around my lower face. Only my blue eyes were showing.
“To bad I don’t have any friends with those names.” I smiled to myself. I turned my trench coat inside out, the brown coat turning black. I then twirled my curly brown hair into a bun which I hid under my hat. I slipped on my black leather gloves, and grabbed my bike.
“Jess. Hey Jess. You there?” I inquired into my walkie-talkie.
“Yah I’m here. Where are you?” He questioned.
“I’m on my way. What’s going on so far?”
“Nothing much. So far there was a hobo who was drinking a beer can, then left it in the street, but I left the littering crime slide.” I could tell that he was joking.
“Anything else.” I questioned with a chuckle.
“Nope. You sure your tip is legit?” Jess inquired.
“Positive.” I replied.
“Hey Ela, if anyone asks, what should our names be?” An awkward pause passed by.
“Ummm… well, we can make up our own.” I answered.
“What’s yours gonna be?” he inquired.
“What’s yours?”
“I asked first.”
“Men first.”
“I believe the term is Ladies first.”
“Just tell me!” I exclaimed.
“Geez. Fine. I’m thinking about calling myself Blood Boy.”
“HAHAHAHA!!!!” I bursted out laughing.
“Shut up!” he stated. “What’s yours?”
“… Eclipse.” I answered. I could hear him chuckling.
“What? Like Solar or Lunar?”
“Shut up! It’s just Eclipse. Now quit snickering I’m here.” I stated. I quickly leaned my bike against a wall, and ran into the ally way.
“I see movement!” I heard Jess exclaim through the talkie.
“It’s me genius!” I whispered loudly.
“Just because you whisper doesn’t mean you’re not loud.” Jess said through the talkie in a hushed voice. I rolled my eyes, and climbed the fire escape latter to the roof that Jess was on.
“Hello there.” I smiled as I reached the roof.
“Hey.” he grinned, helping me up. Jess had dark skin like his Indian mother. He had chocolate eyes which were surrounded by a red domino mask. His short black hair was completely exposed. He also wore a red trench coat and black jeans with black boots. Apparently trench coats were the new cape and tights of the next generation’s super heroes.
“So, how’d you get out of the house?” I inquired.
“I told my mom that I’d be with some friends.” he answered, and I let out a heavy sigh.
“At least that was close to the truth.”
“You lied to your mom! You know she’ll find out.” he stated.
“My mom’s not home. My dad is.”
“That’s worse! You’re dad’s the Question! He knows everything.”
“Yah, you think that I don’t know that? But he was at the computer either looking at cars, or hacking government files. Each one would occupy his time.”
“So what did you tell him?”
“That I’d be with my friends Meg, Caitlyn, and Torri at Apple bees.”
“You don’t even have friends that are girls! And why’d you tell him where’d you be? He might get finished and go down there to pick you up or something.”
“I told him because I eat at Apple bee’s all the time, and if I said that I was going to one of those made up girl’s houses, he would drop everything he was doing, and search the houses himself.” I explained.
“Why didn’t you just say that you were out with the guys?” he inquired.
“Jess. My dad’s the guy who almost killed Lex Luthor. He believes that there is one conspiracy. He thinks that the girl scouts are responsible to for crop circles and put me in it so I could be a spy. I used to carry a gun with me everywhere because he told me to, until we got medal detectors at school, so I now I settle for pepper spray, and a pocket knife. My dad is paranoid. If I said that I was out with the guys, he’d flip out and do back round checks on all of them. I couldn’t put you and the guys through that.” I explained.
“Well wouldn’t he make an exception for me? I mean, I’m the son of the Crimson Avenger. He knows my dad. Heck, he worked with him.”
“What part of “My dad is paranoid” are you not getting?” I inquired.
“Yah. But…”
“Shh! They’re here.” I whispered, cutting Jess off. We looked down at the four men standing in the ally way. Soon after two different men joined them. I took out my video camera with enhanced audio (a.k.a the best Christmas present ever.)
“So. When will the guns be brought in?” one man from the group of four questioned.
“In a week. They will be located in warehouse 17 near the docks. Now where’s my payment?” inquired one of the men from the twosome.
“Right here.” a brief case was exchanged between the groups, and once it was in the twosome’s hands, I turned off the video tape and turned to jess.
“Lets kick some butt.” I smiled. We swiftly jumped off of the building and landed in front of the men.
“Gentlemen.” I nodded, smiling underneath bandana. The men quickly drew their guns.
“They have guns Eclipse.” whispered Jess.
“They’re gangsters Blood *snicker* Boy.” I said in an obvious tone. I then added, “Besides. I had a gun.”
“Yah. But you never wanted to kill me… right?” the men opened fire saving me an explanation. I flipped and started beating up the men, avoiding their shots. Jess’s eyes locked on one of the men.
“Got one?” I inquired while right hooking a guy in the face.
“Patience Eclipse.” Jess replied. I was surrounded by three of the burly men.
“Now would be good.” The one man that Jess was staring at charged directly at the thugs surrounding me. The three men were quickly knocked unconscious by their own man. The rest I already took care of.
“What the heck did I just do?!?” exclaimed the man. Jess laughed, and made the man slap his face in a repetitive motion.
“Stop slapping yourself. Stop slapping yourself. Stop…”
“Blood Boy!” I exclaimed.
“Fine.” he sighed, making the guy punch himself. The thug fell to the ground unconscious.
“Pound it.” Jess smiled, extending his fist, and I bumped it with mine. I then tied the men up while Jess called 9-1-1. I put the tape of the men in front of them, and Jess wrote a note to the police about what was on the tape. He signed it:
BLOOD BOY & ECLIPSE. We rushed off from the scene, and I grabbed my bike while Jess used his roller blades. We were headed for Applebee’s.
“Blood Boy.” I stated in a laugh. “I mean, at least Eclipse rolls off the tongue, but Blood Boy?”
“Well it coincides with my abilities. I controll blood hence Blood Boy.”
“ooh. Look in the sky! It’s a bird. No it’s a plain. No! it’s Blood Boy!” I taunted while taking off my bandana.
“Come on. It’s a good name.”
“yah. If I was a villain it would strike fear into my heart.” I said in a sarcastic tone. Just then an older style blue car pulled up next to us.
“Crap.” I muttered. Out of the car came dad in his Question gear.
“I checked your school’s records. There aren’t any girls in your grade named Torri, Caitlyn, or Meg.”
“You’re so screwed.” whispered Jess.
“No duh.” I answered back.
“You two stopped that gun dealership.” Question stated.
“Yes.” I answered.
“Carmela René Sage you are in so much trouble.”
“Told you he’d find out.” Jess stated.
“Don’t think you’re out of the woods yet young man. I’m calling your father once I get home Jess.”
“He’s not Jess. He’s Blood Boy.” I couldn’t help but snicker. Dad most likely looked puzzled under his mask. Then again I never saw him puzzled so he most likely had a serious look.
“Get in the car. We’ll talk about it more when we get home.” I hopped into the car, and Jess was about to follow, when Dad stopped him.
“You can walk home yourself Blood Boy.” he stated. “and while your at it take my daughter’s bike back to your house, and make sure she gets it tomorrow.” he finished.
“yes sir.” jess said seriously. Dad closed the passenger door, then got behind the steering wheel, leaving jess behind.
“Did you beat up the dealers?”
“Did you leave evidence that the police could use against them?”
“Yes.” there was a long pause in the car.
“Not a world to your mother.” he stated.
“I’ll take it to the grave.” I replied. Question turned on the radio.
“Good job baby girl.” I knew that dad was smiling underneath his mask.

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