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Justice League the Next Generation (BMWW, GLHG, WWLP, NW/G)

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Justice League the Next Generation (BMWW, GLHG, WWLP, NW/G) - Page 2 Empty Justice League the Next Generation (BMWW, GLHG, WWLP, NW/G)

Post by Lordfrieza on Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:58 pm

First topic message reminder :

(A/N: I want to take a moment and explain that this story is set between chapter fourteen and fifteen of Last Night. The story will continue after that chapter, but it is important to know this so that if you feel confused about the story itself you really should go back and read Last Night before reading this one. Thanks.)

Justice League the Next Generation

Chapter 1 ‘A world without Superman’

(Small Ville Kansas: Kent Farm – Hay loft.)

Kal Kent looked at the girl with him. Amber West looked so much like her mother Linda except that she had copper red hair and green eyes. The two of them had been best friends since either could really remember. Amber, her brother Johnny, Their dad Wally, and their mom Linda had been coming to visit his mom every year he could remember. Of course since Johnny and Amber was twins they would barely separate. But this year Johnny was too busy writing his girlfriend Mary to really take any time to spend with Kal or Amber. Of course to Kal this was just fine since he really got to take in how beautiful Amber was.

“What??” Amber asked as she lay across a bale of hay.

“Nothing, I feel kind of stupid.” Kal said as he sheepishly smiled and ran his fingers through his hair unconsciously.

“Now I really want to know. Tell me please.” Amber pleaded batting her eye lashes and smiling as Kal tried his hardest not to notice.

“I just… I just never realized how pretty you are.” Kal answered honestly as he tried to look anywhere but Amber’s brilliant green eyes.

Amber blushed for a moment before she got up quicker than Kal had ever seen anyone move before and kissed him gently on the lips before she stepped back and tripped over a bale behind her. She landed with a thud on the old boards of the barn and let out a small laugh.

“Heh… Am I still pretty when I’m clumsy?” She asked trying to play off her embarrassment.

“Yes.” Kal said before he could think.

Amber looked at him again and a small happy smile crossed her lips. She felt Kal help her up and looked again into his eyes.

“You’re really handsome. I guess I didn’t notice it before either. Kind of hard to notice it though when the three of us are trying to sneak out of old man Peterson’s field after going cow tipping.” She said as a blush covered her cheeks.

“Kal! Amber! Dinner!” Came the voice of Lois Lane-Kent as she called off of the front porch.

“Guess we better get down there.” Kal said as he walked toward the latter and slipped. Amber ran faster than she ever had and looked to see Kal floating above the floor. He looked up at her and instead of looking frightened she stared at him in awe. She moved toward him slowly and saw how he simply floated above the ground.

“Wow..” She said as she looked at him.

“You’re… You’re not afraid?” Kal asked.

“No… That is so COOL! You’re just like Superwoman! Except, you know, that you’re not a woman obviously.” Amber said as she stammered for a second.

“Have you ever seen what this place looks like from the sky?” Kal asked as he looked at her.

“No…” She started to say before she felt him pick her up and they both shot out of the barn door and lifted high into the air.

Amber hugged onto him for dear life afraid to look down or look anywhere else but his neck and chest.

“Don’t be scared. I’m not going to drop you.” Kal said softly.

“I just… I really don’t like heights.” Amber answered sheepishly.

Smiling with understanding Kal began lowering the both of them to the ground. Amber looked at him again and this time she looked as though she was really seeing him for the first time. Kal stood there uncertain of what was going to happen before Amber kissed him deeply. For several seconds they stood there in the light of dusk until the both of them heard a forced cough from Kal’s mother.

“Like I said… Dinner.” Lois said as she watched both teenagers walk toward the porch.

As they passed her Lois smiled slightly. It was nice to see Kal falling in love with someone. She turned around and walked inside to see Wally setting the table with Linda’s help.

“You know the both of you don’t have to do that.” Lois said as she walked toward the large dining room table.

“Nonsense we’re staying and eating your food. It’s the least we can do. By the way have you seen Johnny?” Wally asked as he looked around.

(Grayson house - Jameston NewYork – One hour from New York City)

Mary Grayson closed the back door of her family’s two story victorian style house and walked out into the yard. Johnny had said that he was going to meet her in her back yard and no sooner had she stepped six feet out past the back porch then she saw him quickly leap over the fence and land softly on the grass. Smiling she ran toward him and caught him up in a sering kiss.

“God I missed you.” She said as she looked lovingly into his eyes.

“I missed you too Mary. You know if dad knew that I was here instead of back at the Kent Farm he would want pitch a fit.” Johnny said as the two walked toward a bench and sat down together.

“Have you thought about it?” Johnny asked.

“I’ve told mom that I’ve applied to go to Central City College. She’s a little disappointed that I don’t want to go to NYU. I think that she wanted to take me shopping while was I was in college. Sort of a mother daughter thing.” Mary said as she looked at the way Johnny’s face appeared in the light of dusk.

“I’m sure that she could still take you shopping in Central City.” Johnny said.

“What’s that?” Mary asked.

“What’s what?” Johnny asked.

Not more than three seconds after he asked did he hear a soft thud behind him. He turned to see his father standing there dressed in his costume.

“Oh man…” Johnny said.

“Mary.” Wally said.

“Hi Mr. West…. Please don’t get mad at Johnny I asked to see him. I just miss him.” She said as she looked at him.

“I should be mad at both of you. Johnny you ran here from Lois’ house. That’s stupid! If anyone saw you they would know who you are!” Wally said as he stared down his son.

Within seconds the back door opened to the house and Galatea stood there holding a robe closed and looking at Mary and then at Johnny.

“Wally.” She said before she looked at her daughter.

“Mom I can explain.” She started before her mother narrowed her eyes at her.

“You could have and might have endangered Johnny and his entire family. Go inside and wait. Your father will be down in a second to tell you exactly what kind of punishment you can expect.” Galatea said as she looked at her daughter.

“I’m not a little girl anymore! You can’t just punish me!” Mary shouted.

“Excuse me.” Galatea said before she grabbed Mary by the wrist and pulled her over her knee.

“You’re acting like a little girl so should I go ahead and spank you in front of your boyfriend like you are one, or are you going to go inside and wait?” Galatea asked.

“I’m going…” Mary said in defeat

Galatea let her up and Mary turned to Johnny with an ‘I’m sorry’ look. She then walked inside of the house and left her mother standing outside with Wally and Johnny.

“Wally do you need me to fly you both back?” Galatea asked.

“No, I brought Johnny’s ‘running’ suit. But if he can borrow your bathroom to change that would help.” Wally said.

“Of course.” Galatea said before she lead them both into the house.

“third door on the left like always Johnny.” Galatea said.

Johnny walked past the room where Mr. Grayson walked into. He stopped to listen for a second.

“That was so stupid Mary! Do you even realize how much danger you may have put Johnny’s entire family in?! Grounded from T.V. and going anywhere isn’t going to cut it this time. You are grounded. You can’t go out on any dates with Johnny, no movies, no going out to eat with friends, no where except for school, home, and training on the watchtower. Do you understand?” Dick Grayson asked.

“Daddy that’s not fair!” Mary said

Johnny looked in to see Mr. Grayson standing there in a pair of sweat pants and a teeshirt. Mary was attempt to show a little pout and get her father to let her off easy.

“Don’t even try it. And Johnny you better go ahead and get changed right now.” Dick said as he faced Mary.

Johnny stepped back and ran toward the bathroom. He didn’t know how Mr. Grayson did that, but it scared the hell out of him.

(twenty – five minutes later – Wayne Manor)

Bruce answered the phone after the second rang.

“Hello.” He barked the answer.

“Hi Bruce.” Dick said.

“Dick, how’s the family?” Bruce asked.

“Fine, except that Wally’s son and my daughter did something stupid.” Dick answered.

Bruce rubbed the bridge of his nose and sat down in a chair.

“What the hell did they do?” Bruce asked.

“Mary convinced Johnny to ‘run’ out and see her. He was at the Kent’s farm.” Dick said.

“I see. I’ll check the net and see if anyone has taken a pitcher of a blurr and posted it. Talk to you later Dick.” Bruce said as he stood and began walking toward the cave. He stopped when he heard a soft moan.

Thomas don’t be this stupid. Bruce thought as he opened the den to see Kiva Stewart and Thomas on the couch.

“Thomas.” Bruce said eveningly.

Thomas sat up and Bruce saw Kiva quickly cover herself.

“Bruce what is the commotion?” Diana asked as she looked at the situation.

“THOMAS!” she roared as she looked at her son.

“I…. I’m really sorry Mr. Wayne!” Kiva stuttered out as she looked at how angry Diana appeared to be.

“Stay there. We’re going to call your parents.” Bruce said.

Kiva’s face suddenly became covered with worry, but Thomas put his arm around her and held her close. Kiva’s wings folded in slightly.

“My mom is going to kill me.” Kiva said as she sat there.


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Justice League the Next Generation (BMWW, GLHG, WWLP, NW/G) - Page 2 Empty Re: Justice League the Next Generation (BMWW, GLHG, WWLP, NW/G)

Post by Lordfrieza on Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:33 pm

AN: As was stated in the beginning of this story it is a sequel of "Last Night". To understand part of this chapter you need to read Last Night and especially the last chapter of it. Thanks…

Justice League the Next Generation

Chapter 26 'Epilogue'

(Watchtower – six years after the fall of Dark Justice)

Mary Grayson – West sat in the montoring womb as she finished her shift. Her eyes went to the picture of her late husband Johnny. She had loved him more than words could ever express and for the last three years she had missed him so badly. Lexington Luthor the second had implanted the nanites used to control Dark Justice into Doomboy. The killing machine created by Cadmus and made more dangerous by Area 51 had eventually healed and was simply sleeping in the bottom of the left Luthor tower. The moment it was released the creature disobeyed the order given to it by Lexington and instead headed out to kill the one that helped stop it last time.

She thought back to the day it happened. They had been in Metropolis and suddenly the creature came barreling down the road toward her. She learned later that it wanted her mother and her, but she understood that she smelled the same. To the creature it believed that it had found the enemy and tried to kill her and her daughter little Hope. She tried to stop it, but it was able to man handle her with all ease. Suddenly it stopped as something flashed past it hitting it square in the chest. It hit the creature again, and again each time causing it to stumble back stupidly.

She watched as the last time this force hit the creature it phased through it causing the creature to scream in pain and then fall forward. The figure that had been hitting the creature stopped and she looked at her husband Johnny as he stood there his entire body viberating so fast that she could barely see him.

"I love you Mary." He said before he simply blinked out of existence.

The months that followed afterward was hard and she could barely remember them. She remembered having her daughter's birthday party at a Chuckie Cheeze's and going into the rest room to cry because she couldn't answer her daughters question of why did god have to make her daddy miss the party. She remembered grandpa Bruce and grandma Diana letting her stay in the manor, but little else shined through. Little else except for her mother. Her mother Galatea had stood by her and let her know that no matter what happened she would be there for her.

"Hey what are you thinking about sis?" The familiar voice of her brother asked as she turned around to see Hermes standing behind her.

"Remembering better times." Mary answered as she got up and stretched.

"The way that you brood I wonder if you are more related to Thomas than me." Hermes joked.

"He's gotten better. Especially since he and Kiva bought 'Starlight' movies and made their first block buster." Mary replied as a small smile crossed her lips.

"So what are you doing?" Johnny asked as his sister got up and started to walk out of the room.

"I'm going out to Toni's in Metropolis, and then I'm heading back to the manor and picking up Hope. I think that she would like to see her grandma and grandpa." Mary said as she walked on out.

You are worried about her? M'ire said through her psychic link with Hermes.

Of course I'm worried. She's my sister. So what are you doing? Hermes asked.

Suddenly the flash a green skinned beauty laying in bed with silken sheets surround her could be seen. She slowly lowered the sheets and let him eye her cleavage before she pulled the sheet back over her and patted the spot beside her.

I am waiting for you to get back. M'ire replied through their link.

Hermes smiled and sent a mental picture of what they did the previous night and he heard her heavy, but lustful chuckle. His mind drifted a little and he could almost feel M'ire's unease.

I'm sorry, I just worry. He responded.

You have every right to. She was a friend and a dear one. She has tried very, very hard to fit back in and every attempt has lead to her pushing more and more people out. It is obvious that she will never fully fit back in. She plans on killing him. She hasn't done it, but she plans on breaking into Arkham and killing Dr. Crane. M'ire said.

I'll inform her mom and dad. I'll also tell Grandpa Bruce. Thanks dearest. Hermes responded before the link between M'ire and himself severed.

(Arkham Asylum – Medical Ward)

"Dr. Richards I told you that overcoming that little fear wouldn't be hard. Why you don't even seem like the same man." Scarecrow said as he laughed at the cowering man behind the desk.

He grabbed the tank of his fear gas and headed toward the ventilation system and began hooking it up with every intention of spreading it throughout the Asylum. Suddenly he stopped as a figure stepped out from the darkness. She opened her mouth and a sonic scream sent him into the wall. She stepped closer to him. Her face filled with hatred for the man before her.

"You can't kill me. You're tied to those rules that all heroes are." Crane said before she grinned and opened her mouth while holding him. At first nothing happened, but then his skin began to peal from his face. Crane screamed as his entire head began to decengrate into nothingness. Olivia dropped him and kicked the corpse of Dr. Jonathan Crane.

"I won't be afraid anymore." Olivia spat at the dead body.

(Wayne Manor – Dining Hall 3 days later)

Bruce looked at the collection of people present. It was normally under far better situations that they all met together. He could see Oliver and Dinah Queen trying to console each other, and to be honest his heart really did go out to them. The media fell on the murder of Scarecrow like a pack of vultures and several anti Meta groups was calling for the death sentence of 'Songbird'.

"The girl obviously needs help." Lara said as she stood and looked at everyone in the room.

"Tell that to those gun toting idiots. Like it or not we're not very popular and getting even less so. The fall out of Dark Justice really left a bad taste in people's mouths when they realized how easily people can be corrupted." Galatea said as she looked at the current Superwoman.

"You sound like you're not surprised." Lara committed.

"I've personally seen what people can be like when they're scared. I was brought up in Cadmus, believe me I know what people are like." She said before she looked at Dick and nodded.

"The only chance we have of helping Olivia is to make sure that she will never go back into being a hero. She can't use her powers, and she will have to know that she will be watched at all times." Dick said before the sound of Bruce clearing his throat got their attention.

"We need to realize that despite what has happened Songbird did commit murder." Bruce began when Oliver slammed his fist down on the table.

"Damn it she's my daughter! Don't you understand? She's my little girl and that bastard hurt her! I'm not saying what happened was right, but she needs help, and she doesn't need prison!" Oliver shouted.

To look at the former Green Arrow you would realize just how hurt he was. The man looked as if he had been crying and it was obvious that he hadn't slept since this happened. Dinah looked about as bad and she was unable to even really talk. Bruce once again looked at them and knew that he felt bad for them, but he had to maintain control of the situation.

"Reguardless she committed murder Oliver. There is nothing that can explain away why she took a life." Bruce said.

"What if it was our daughter Bruce? What if Hippolyta had taken the life of those two members of Dark Justice when they killed her boyfriend? Would you be so quick to say that she should have to face up to the punishment for killing?" Diana asked.

"No, but then I wouldn't ever allow her to rejoin the league and all work as a hero would stop. She would have to learn to live a 'normal' life. If 'Songbird' escapes that is what will have to happen. That and she will have to go directly into counseling. Know that she will be watched from now on Queen." Bruce said as he looked at Oliver.

"What do you think we should do?" Kiva asked as she looked at them.

"The obvious answer is that some of us do a covert operation and break her out. After we do we bring her back to the watchtower and go from there." Thomas answered as he looked at the others.

"Tonight we should do it. I would like to help if I may." M'ire said as she looked at Hermes.

She knew that it meant a lot to him to help Olivia. The girl had been his first love, and in many ways he was still tied to her. M'ire wanted to believe that the reason he was tied to her was because of his sense of loyalty. She had heard of soul mates before, and while she knew that she was close to Hermes and according to what J'onn had said about their people she was even meant for him she didn't know if he completely felt the same or not.

After a few minutes the team was decided. Both Oliver and Dinah wanted to go, but Bruce calmed them down and explained that going in so distracted like they were would only end up causing undo stress at best and could end up costing someone their life. After talking it over with Bruce the both of them decided to sit it out only as long as they could be there when Olivia arrived.

(Gotham City – Major Crimes Unit – Meta Holding Cell)

Olivia sat looking at the floor as the sound of the door to the cell opened. Slowly it closed and a graying red headed woman wheeled herself in. She looked at Olivia for a moment before she opened a laptop and quickly disabled the monitoring system inside of the cell. When she finished she backed up and closed the door.

"My father still has some pull, but I need to know a few things before I even consider doing this. What was you thinking when you went into Arkham?" Barbara asked as she looked at the younger woman.

"You don't know! You don't know what the son of a bitch did to me, to Hermes! I still see him… Every time I close my eyes I see him and hear that laugh of his. Everything that I was ever afraid of, everything that ever once caused me to step back out of fear I see every night. It's worse when I'm around Hermes and it isn't going to get any better. I don't… I don't know what he did exactly, but it's like he is inside of my head tormenting me, watching me go insane from the fear. I don't know what is real anymore." Olivia said as she hung her head in her hands.

"Crane was a sick son of a bitch, and to be honest if it was one of the other inmates that killed him there would be no news about it. No one would care, but since a 'hero' killed him everyone is saying that every life is precious including his. Listen Bruce contacted me about an hour ago. They are going to break you out of here, and when they do 'Songbird' is no more. You can't go back to being a hero. Don't think about it, and don't do it. You're going to have to walk away from this life Olivia." Barbara said as she turned the wheelchair around.

"What will happen to me?" Olivia asked.

"That depends entirely on you. You're getting a chance to make something of yourself. Don't waste it." Barbara answered before she wheeled out and pressed a single key on her laptop.

A beep sounded in the room with Olivia and a small explosion erupted from the floor. When it went off M'ire floated up through the hole and looked at the girl now standing there.

"Come we must go." M'ire said as she lead Olivia to the hole and they moved down into the sewer. The sound of people storming in over them could be heard and Olivia looked around at the friends that had gathered to save her. She watched Hermes press his communicator and call for teleportation to the Watchtower.

(Jameston New York – Grayson house – three months after 'Songbird's' escape.)

"They are a danger! All metas are a danger and should be contained! Ladies and Gentlemen I stand before you not only as a United States Senator and potential Presidential candidate, but also as a worried parent! We cannot afford to let these metas be around our children unchecked! There are metas out there with the ability to phase through walls, read minds, bend steel, fly, and a number of other abilities. Who says that they won't attempt to control our children? Who says that they won't attempt to poison our society? If we act now we can instate this meta program and be able to track each and everyone of them." The Senator on the television said to the press meeting.

"That was Senator Robert Kelly. You know Ellise he looks like the prime Republican candidate this year." A fairly good looking news ancor said as he looked at the blond sitting next to him.

"He sure is Anthony, but CEO and president of Luthor Industries Lex Luthor Jr. has thrown his hat into the race for president. Here is his statement over the subject." Ellise said as she turned toward a screen.

A red headed Lex Luthor walked up on a stage and looked over the huge numbers of press in front of him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen let me start with saying that while I understand the fear and paranoia surrounding the recent events we can't forget that these metas are human as well. They eat, breath, bleed, and dress like the rest of us. If we give into our fears here where will it end? I do agree that something must be done, and for that reason Luthor corp has started the Meta Outreach Program. This program will allow those willing to come forth to learn, work, and return to their lives in a safe environment. At no time will anyone that comes to the outreach program be numbered or their name and abilities shared with the outside world. Instead they will learn simply how to live among the rest of us in peace." Lex said as he smiled.

"I don't trust him." Galatea said as she switched off the television.

She looked at Dick who nodded and then smiled at her.

"I don't either, but at the moment it looks like he could win. He is playing a dangerous game, but appealing to the people like that will sway them easier than making it sound like they want to run a nazi prison camp." Dick replied.

Galatea walked over to him and gently sat down in his lap. She leaned her head against his shoulder and kissed his neck.

"Why can't they learn to get along like we do?" She asked softly.

"If they did there would be a lot of children running around." Dick joked.

"That's not exactly what I meant Grayson." She said with a laugh.

"People fear what they don't understand. I don't blame them, but then again I don't really pity them either. It's their own fault if they don't want to give everyone a chance. They might even find the love of their life if they did." He said as he kissed her.

Galatea smiled before she moaned softly. The feeling of his hand moving under her blouse and gently rubbing her tummy had always been kind a turn on for her. She kissed him and helped him up.

"Should we go and practice the proper 'relation' that everyone should have with each other?" She asked as she began to lead him toward their bed room.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Dick said as he followed her.

(Meta Outreach Program Metropolis)

Lex walked in to the outreach program and smiled as he watched the fools that have came in on their own free will. They were strapped to the beds their minds being altered and his own commands being fed into them. Dark Justice had failed, but only because he was so limited. No he needed an army to do his work, and who better than people no one knew. Eventually they would be ready, and president or not he would unleash them upon the public and then he would save the world from the 'meta' danger. When that happened everyone would look to him. He would be an undisputed ruler, and no one not even the Justice League would be able to stop him.


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